COVID Wedding Information

We understand that this it has never been more difficult to plan your wedding, but we want to do everything we can to try and reduce some of your stress and worry! This page is dedicated to COVID information related to weddings. We will keep this page up to date with everything we currently know, and what we are currently working on finding out.

If you have any questions, you can of course always email our wedding team:

Updated 18/1/2022


**Please note: We don’t know exactly how long these restrictions will be in place, however it is best to prepare as if they were in place for at least February.**

Vaccination Requirements:

All guests, suppliers & staff who are 18+ need to be fully vaccinated for the below restriction levels to apply. Proof of Vaccination information has been provided at the bottom of this page.

Medical Exemptions for Vaccines: Please see information at the bottom of this page. 

Reception: 1 person per 2sqm rule (200 guests)
Vineyard Chapel: 1 person per 2sqm rule (46 guests)
Garden Chapel: No Density Limit (220)
Paddock: No Density Limit (220)

MASK RULES: Masks are required to be worn indoors by all guests and suppliers, except whilst eating, drinking or receiving professional photography.


LIVE MUSIC: Permitted

MAKEPUP & HAIR: Permitted.

COVID-SAFE PLAN REQUIRED: Yes – (this is currently being updated to reflect the recent updates)

RECORD-KEEPING REQUIRED: Yes – All guests contact information to be provided by couples on their Wedding Spreadsheet. Guests must also check in via the government QR code system once onsite. 

DANCING: Indoor dancing is permitted, masks must be worn indoors. (The Victorian Government *recommend an outdoor dancefloor, if you wish to do this, please do let the Immerse Wedding Team know as soon as possible)

CANAPES & DRINK SERVICE: Permitted without restriction. (The Victorian Government *recommend seated service only, if you wish to do this, please do let the Immerse Wedding Team know as soon as possible)

If guests are not vaccinated:

Reception: Not permitted
Vineyard Chapel: Not permitted
Garden Chapel: Not permitted

In line with the new Pandemic Laws unvaccinated guests are not permitted to attend Immerse for a Ceremony or Reception as we are classified as a hospitality setting.


The quickest and easiest way to check vaccination status is via the Service Victoria app when customers check-in using the Victorian Government QR Code Service. However, there are other ways Immerse can check the vaccination status of their customers:

  • COVID-19 digital certificate via the Service Victoria app 
  • COVID-19 digital certificate saved to a smartphone wallet 
  • Printed copy of COVID-19 digital certificate 
  • Printed copy of immunisation history statement 
  • Eligible proof of vaccination exemption. (SEE BELOW!)

Immerse does do not need to record customers’ vaccination status – we only need to view it so they can enter your business.  

Encouraging customers to use the Service Victoria app to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination saves your business and your customers time and helps reduce queuing at venues.   


Guests/Suppliers who received their vaccination certificates internationally must apply to receive an International Vaccination Certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register. Please direct them to the link below: 


We have just received an update from the Chief Health Officer on Vaccine Exemptions, essentially the process has been made a little more difficult. Any guests with Medical Exemptions after the 12th of November will have to show proof with the Australian Immunisation Register. A medical certificate will no longer be valid. Below is the exert straight from the Chief Health Officer’s update. Be sure to check in with any guests who have medical exemptions to ensure they are following this new process in preparation for your upcoming wedding, you are very welcome to forward this email on to them so that they know exactly what they need to do!

Update: Australian Immunisation Record medical exemption form

The Chief Health Officer has declared that from 6pm tomorrow, Friday 29 October, only the Australian Immunisation Register medical exemption form is to be used to provide patients proof of a medical exemption to any vaccination requirements in Victoria.

There are a very small number of people who cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine because they have a condition or a situation where the vaccine is medically unadvised.

Our hardworking and trusted GPs are, in the large part, tasked with determining these exemptions when visited by their patients. But there have been some difficulties with this.

We’ve had feedback from GPs that they want more clarity on the process; more information on the limited medical exemptions as advised by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation – or ATAGI; and a way of communicating the limited exemptions to their patients.

That’s why we will be making a change to Chief Health Officer Directions, that only the Australian Immunisation Register medical exemption form is to be used.

This change will be supported by a Victorian clinical guidance form that will be available as resource for medical practitioners. This guidance form will assist medical practitioners in determining whether their patient meets the ATAGI listed reasons for a medical exemption.

If there are people with an exemption letter that isn’t the Australian Immunisation Register form – such as just a standard doctor’s certificate – they will need to return to their medical practitioner to submit the form by 12 November. They can continue to use a doctor’s certificate up to that date.

The Victorian guidance form presents the limited contraindications very clearly.

It also includes having COVID-19 within the previous six months as a reason for temporary exemption for another six months, if the individual has not recovered from acute illness

The combination of the Victorian guidance form and the Commonwealth’s medical exemption form will provide GPs a tight and clear process that they can show their patients.

Some GPs have reported facing significant pressure from a small minority of people who don’t want to get the vaccine for other reasons, and of patients attending multiple clinics seeking an exemption.

It will also mean that those who don’t meet the specific medical contraindications to COVID-19 vaccination according to ATAGI guidance will not have a valid exemption after 12 November.

COVID Wedding Information