Immerse as a COVIDSafe space

While we are incredibly excited to open our doors and welcome guests back to Immerse, it is imperative to understand that the health and safety of our customers and staff are our number one priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have a wonderful and safe visit to Immerse, so will be implanting the following procedures into our service.

If you have any questions about our policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us:
03) 5965 2444 |

Card payments only | Bookings essential | Do not attend booking if unwell | Maximum 6 people per table | Must provide name and number of all patrons | COVID-19 training completed

Completed a deep clean of the premises

Used appropriate detergents and disinfectants to thoroughly clean all surfaces

Cleaning all stored glass wear and cutlery with appropriate cleaning products

Sanitised common use surfaces such as doors, handles, keyboards, taps, chairs, tables, handrails, tills, phones, terminals.

Thoroughly clean and sanitise all areas and surfaces used for food preparation and serving as well as ensuring utensils are cleaned and sanitised before use to ensure there is no risk to food safety.

Set up the restaurant for the appropriate number of people and physical distancing

A limit of 20 patrons per dining space (not including staff)

Having at least 4spm per patron to allow for social distancing

Maximum of 6 people per table

Neighbouring tables at least 1.5m apart

Having separate entrance and exits for customer use

Having hand sanitiser placed at entrance and exits (among other places) for staff and customers to use

Wine tastings will be conducted at guest tables, to reduce customers congregating at the one place

Tables will be set with any cutlery or glass wear that may be required, to reduce contact with staff throughout the visit

Different sections of the restaurant will be used for individual seatings, to allow as much space as possible in between guests

Signage, record keeping and staff management policies, practices and training

A sign at the entry to state how many patrons we can have at one time

Information on the symptoms of COVID-19 and the requirement to stay home if unwell

Signage for hygiene and physical distancing practices, such as maintaining 1.5m between guests and washing your hands for 20 seconds

A poster confirming that staff have reviewed the guidelines and completed the recommend training

Signs confirming it is full table services, and paying/ordering at the bar is not permitted

We will take contact details for all patrons entering Immerse to support contract tracing if required. We strongly recommend that guests download the COVIDSafe App before visiting

Additional schedules for cleaning and sanitising to maintain good hygiene at your venue, including frequent cleaning of high touch points such as doors, handles, chairs and handrails

Staff will explain procedure updates to customers when they first arrive at the restaurant, to ensure they understand our responsibilities, as well as their own

We will only be except CARD for payment, and no cash

Keeping up to date with government updates, including new restrictions and guidelines, then ensure all staff are aware of subsequent updates to policies and procedures

All staff completing the Staff Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire before each shift, including temperature checking

Directing all staff members to stay home if feeling unwell, and having emergency staff rostered on to ensure staff members being unable to work (due to illness) does not affect service

Having one staff member responsible for each table, to minimise contact with multiple staff members

Offering full table service (including payment the bill) to prevent guests from congregating in common areas such as the till

Making guests aware that bookings are essential to avoid having unknown patrons arrive at Immerse

Amended voucher cancellation policy (usually lose voucher if cancel less than 24 hours prior to booking) to ensure guests are not attending booking if they are sick